ISO 22301:2012

Business Continuity

ISO 22301:2012 will protect your business and build resilience

ISO 22301 helps you to understand and minimise the risks of challenging and unexpected disruptions, actively promoting to all that you are prepared thus protecting your business, staff, reputation and future.

In today’s increasingly competitive markets, your business needs an edge to rise above competition.

ISO 22301 will bring your business a host of benefits, including:

    • ISO 22301 will help you to better understand your business vulnerabilities and establish effective and robust business continuity management procedures
    • ISO 22301will arm you with a rehearsed framework for disaster recovery, helping to restore infrastructure, flow of information and key objectives quickly and effectively
    • The standard will enable you to develop and execute failsafe strategies to deal with everything from minor incidents to major disasters
    • The ISO 22301 framework will minimise the risk of disruption and safeguard both your staff and your reputation
    • Provide your stakeholders and customers with absolute confidence in your reliability
    • Open your business up to new global market opportunities