Pragmatics is a mid-tier federal government contractor with various important IT contracts with numerous defence and civilian agencies. Established in 1985, it specialized in on-site technical support although it has since diversified, building on its core software engineering business practice by adding a broad range of in-depth services including information assurance and program management services. Currently at the top end of the IT market, Pragmatics prides itself on responsiveness, integrity, high ethics and a dedicated customer service.

Pragmatics revenue has increased by 30% each year for the past 10 years, with the compounded effect resulting in significant growth. Mr. Kim Nguyen, Vice President, explains, “Government cut backs have meant that contracts are no longer falling into our lap but we have continued to grow steadily, and we anticipate further continued growth and increased profitability in the years ahead.”

Pragmatics achieved ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, and the following year it obtained ISO 20000 Information Technology. The decision to acquire these standards was taken due to client expectation, Mr. Nguyen explains, “many of our clients had come to expect these certifications. For us, they weren’t so much a differentiator, as things that allowed us to even be considered.”

Obtaining the ISO standards was not a trivial exercise, although Kim believes that it was definitely worthwhile. “The IMSM consultant worked in close collaboration with management, helping us to review the baseline, explaining the auditing expectations and assisting us as we reviewed every procedure and sought to maximise efficiency and quality.”

With IMSM’s help, Pragmatics learnt to follow ISO processes in every single aspect of the business, from business development and purchasing practices to training, communication and performance improvement. The ISO procedures helped to make Pragmatics’ employees more aware of quality and more equipped to maintain consistently high standards.

Kim believes that the having the ISO certifications demonstrates that Pragmatics has achieved a high level of maturity and quality. He regards them as ‘milestones’ that mark how the company has, “standard, repeatable procedures for technical project management to ensure high-quality deliverables, on time and within budget.” He adds, “Regular audits mean there’s never any room for slack. The high level of quality continues to rise”.

As a result of being ISO 9001 and ISO 20000 certified, Pragmatics has become more confident in hiring the right expertise, making sure every process is repeatable and always having the right benchmarks in place. Mr. Nguyen maintains that the qualifications are an important factor in the company’s reputation and success, “I believe that having these high international standards is essential for all companies in this industry that want to stay in the game.”

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