For a large construction company – whose projects have been as diverse as petrol stations and an academy for the 2012 Olympics – gaining ISO standards was an essential way to demonstrate to clients that best practice is used.

Toureen Mangan, now has three ISO certifications: ISO 9001, Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management and its most recent, Health and Safety Management BS OHSAS 18001.

Scott Carr, Toureen Mangan’s Health and Safety Manager, said the company decided to gain ISO to demonstrate to both existing and potential clients that it had robust systems in place.

“To be honest, getting the ISOs really confirmed to me what I knew, that we had the highest standards and systems, but it’s nice to have this internationally recognised certification which we can show to clients,” he said.

Toureen Mangan, which employs between 250 and 500 people at any one time, depending on the project, achieved ISO 9001 first before moving on to ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001.

“We did it this way because much of what we needed for 14001 and 18001 were already within 9001. In other words, by getting 9001 first we were well on the way to having systems in place for the other two.”

A number of ISO providers were explored, and IMSM selected because, Scott said, “they could do what we wanted at a sensible price and were extremely helpful in helping us to set up all the processes”.

Scott was also pleased to find that IMSM was able to take documentation already in place and adapt it to fit the ISO requirements, rather than start from scratch.

“We already had very strong procedures and processes in place, but going through ISO has strengthened these. For example, we now have far greater documentation control, with one set of approved documents to use.

“Our health and safety policy was very robust, but this has now been tweaked to conform to ISO and is stronger as a result.”

Scott also believes that having all three standards has made a difference to clients and when tendering for new business.

He said: “It’s an easy way to prove what we do. Sometimes, just ticking the box to say we have ISO is enough, we don’t then have to go on and qualify everything.

“Many construction companies of our size have ISO standards, but not all can say they have all three, which is where I believe we have the edge.”

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