Wellington Press Ltd have a large range of clients, including large local authorities and City bankers and insurers, Wellington Press provides digital and litho printing services – everything from business cards to corporate brochures. It needed to gain ISO certification to enable it to be allowed to tender as a preferred supplier.

Managing Director, Nick Murray, welcomed the rigour of the standards which demonstrate the company has first class procedures in place.

Having gained ISO 9001 10 years ago, the firm more recently decided to go simultaneously for ISO 14001 and Health and Safety standard BS OHSAS 18001.

“At the time, we were applying to have a framework agreement with a local authority and needed to have both BS OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 in place.

“IMSM had helped us gain ISO 9001 originally, and we had a very good relationship with their auditor who comes out annually, so it was a natural choice to ask IMSM once again.

“We found that for both certifications, IMSM looked at the practices and procedures we already had in place and worked around them to draw up the documentary evidence to show that we were fully compliant.”

Not only did Wellington Press get the framework agreement in place with that local authority, but has since been successful in gaining preferred supplier status with other local authorities.

Nick is delighted that having all three standards marks the company out as one of excellence. He is particularly pleased with the Health and Safety standard.

“Some of what we have to do now for BS OHSAS 18001 doesn’t seem vital for us, such as having notices up about where the nearest hospital is. With only 12 people in the company, we all know this sort of information.

“But a lot of it makes sense and has made us more conscious of Health and Safety and as such, has given us a safer working environment. For example, our procedures include ensuring walkways are kept clear – something we usually did but now make sure we always do.”

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