picEnergy management will be a significant topic of discussion over the next 10 years due to its unpredictable and increasing cost, old infrastructures and growing uncertainties in the energy supply chain.
A recent survey from analyst firm Verdantix shows 45% of corporations will spend more on energy management in 2014 than they did in 2013. Globally, large corporations will increase or remain flat while spending on energy management and about 6% of corporations are likely to spend less on energy management in 2014.

Says Janet Lin, Verdantix Energy Practice Research Director, “Reflecting the downward pressure on natural gas and electricity prices and subdued economic growth, 50% of corporations will keep energy management spend flat.”

“Better energy data management is the most entrenched spending theme. 96% of 250 corporations believe they need to enhance the volume, quality and frequency of energy data collection and reporting. This is a shot in the arm for a diverse group of energy software innovators such as DEXMA, Envizi, IMServ, Joulex, Panoramic Power and Urjanet.”

ISO 50001 is perfect for companies trying to put the energy management in place, because it helps increase energy efficiency performance, productivity and compliance and also develops a policy for more efficient use of energy.

Source: http://www.energyzine.co.uk/news/energy-management-spending-in-2014-17033.htm

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