As of march 2011 there were 543,440 engineering enterprises in the UK. The engineering and manufacturing sector generated $1.15 trillion in turnover in the year ending March 2010- 3 times that if financial services and almost 25% of the turnover of all UK businesses.

The total employment in the engineering sector is around 1.4 million; this is 20% lower than five years previously, which reflects the continuing decline in UK manufacturing. It is estimate that more than 300,000 workers have been lost from the sector since 1999.

Sustainable future

Engineering companies face greater pressure to develop and or adopt sustainable business strategies. Like many companies across the majority of sector the compliance only approach means that they are missing out on the opportunities that being fully sustainable could deliver dispute and high risks can plague projector and good intentions see a back seat with substantial investment and more over complicated logistical challenges needed to be overcome in the battle of daily survival.

Source: http://www.imsm.com/en/news/what-does-it-hold-for-engineering/

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