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Name: Steven M. Buchak

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Tel: (587) 3151278

With over 700 clients in the Alberta area alone, I know that ISO9001:2008 Certification is becoming a pre-requisite to doing business in most sectors of the industry. With a proven track record of helping clients from GAP Analysis, Completed Manuals, Training, Certification, Marketing Material and Your Company Profile released to 25,000 companies globally….my methodology works!

Companies know ISO standards may be good for them, but they may need motivation to get certified. Company sectors have adopted ISO 9001:2008 and the other standards for three reasons: the value of the standard, the sales and marketing advantage, and company requirements.

Companies appreciate how the standard can improve their business processes and reduce scrap, rework and cost. Second, companies with similar products, service and price use the certification to differentiate themselves from their competitors. “It gives you a marketing advantage over the competition. It’s a differentiator.”

However, the certificate alone will not improve the company’s business processes. The goal should be to improve business, not a piece of paper. Done correctly, ISO standards can improve an organization’s business processes, add value and increase sales.

The objective of our marketing strategy is to support our client’s companies in achieving these goals. ISO being a global standard should be recognized that way. With our ability to support our client’s through our extensive network, the marketing strategy allows our clients to get global recognition. With our far-reaching breadth of business managers worldwide, we can aid our clients in getting coverage, recognition and potential sales. When we do a release for a client, it opens the doors by introducing them to like companies and creating the awareness through the information received.

Providing our clients with this opportunity could open many doors for expansion, growth and bottom line improvement.

So when you see another release, you know another company has made the right decision to come on board, and as the recipient you know that this may be a company or product that may help yours.

We as a company are always looking for ways to improve the networking, synergy and business opportunities. So if any of you have any ideas on how we can improve the methodology that would help us all, we are always interested in your ideas!