Do you need a “ballpark quote” for ISO Certification?TELL US ABOUT YOUR “BALLPARK” AND GET AN INSTANT “BALLPARK QUOTE” FOR ISO CERTIFICATION.We certainly don’t want to waste your time, nor do we wish to put you through a series of hoops just to give you the cost of investing in an ISO Certification for your business. Therefore, for the purpose of providing you a ballpark quote, we will assume that you are interested in knowing what the following packaged offer of consultation, documentation, training, implementation and Certification will cost you. If you need a customized package, then please give us a call.

  • We provide a FREE consultation and ISO project implementation plan.
  • We provide a straight forward engagement agreement with a highly competitive and economical FIXED PRICE.
  • Our ISO gap evaluation avoids unnecessary changes to the way you run your business.
  • We base our assessment on your existing systems and our approach is extremely flexible.
  • Additions or changes will only be made if required to meet the standard.
  • We tailor the Management System to help eliminate the red tape and paperwork with your business.
  • In-depth business and QMS consultation.
  • Implementation Plan & Marketing Guidance
  • Manual stating the management policy and objectives for each requirement of the elected ISO Standard.
  • Procedure Manual describing objectives of the above are met in practice and how the business procedures will actually be controlled.
  • Implementation and training completed on your premises.
  • Internal quality audit advice ensuring that the Quality Manual remains in force, giving you the opportunity to analyze your systems and identify improvements.
  • On-site Certification Audit.
  • An ISO official certification provided by an independent registrar

Also, we are assuming that you have:

  • A strong desire to improve the quality and customer satisfaction for your business.
  • A strong desire for your business to be recognized for its outstanding quality and customer care.
  • One location and with a room that can be easily adapted for your employee training.
  • A safe work environment.
  • A Microsoft Word compatible word processing computer and printer.

Free ISO Requirements Guide Request.