IMSM already had an excellent track record with Rhino Asphalt Solutions Ltd and so was their natural choice, after already helping them gain ISO 9001, when they needed to reach BS OHSAS 18001 certification.

Rhino Asphalt Solutions specialise in highway maintenance and repairs across the country, employing 21 people and sub-contractors who work exclusively for Rhino.

Karen Brown, Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Manager, said achieving BS OHSAS 18001 was vital when it came to tendering for contracts.

“We needed to provide evidence of health and safety standards and the only way to fully achieve this was to get the 18001 certification,” she said.

“Having already been through ISO 9001 was a huge help, because we had all the quality management processes in place that we needed.”

IMSM worked around the processes already in place, causing minimum disruption. IMSM drew up the manual and drafted procedures for the company to adhere to. Certification was then granted and the whole process took a matter of weeks.

Karen said: “It’s a very easy system. The manual details all areas of compliance, such as training, communicating information about necessary personal protective equipment etc and the audit ensures we remain compliant.”

As well as achieving 18001 and 9001, Rhino Asphalt Solutions has attained environmental standard ISO 14001, once again with the help of IMSM.

“All three standards have undoubtedly helped us win tenders,” said Karen. “Indeed, without all three there would be some tenders we wouldn’t even be able to pitch for.”

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