ISO 27001 Information & Data Security

ISO 27001 will earn your organization high respect with low risk information security.

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ISO 27001 offers a comprehensive set of controls, based on best practice in information security, comprising of components such as confidentiality, integrity and availability. To be competitive, profitable and trusted, information security is a must.

    • ISO 27001 gives both clients and suppliers the confidence to trust an organization with the safe-keeping of their information
    • Ensure your organization keeps important information safe and secure
    • Demonstrate thorough compliance to regulatory and contractual requirements regarding data security, privacy and IT governance
    • This benchmark of quality demonstrates due diligence
    • Provide your stakeholders with information about your IT management policies, standards and procedures and your practices to ensure full security
The security of data is a hot topic in today’s media Data is one of the most valuable assets any business has today. Don’t allow your organization to fall foul of the numerous risks associated with company and client data. Dependence on information systems and services means organizations are more vulnerable to security threats than ever. Without ISO 27001, your organization could face:
    • Large fines
    • Loss of client base
    • Damage to reputation
    • Loss of profits
    • Loss of investment
A survey by the Independent Oracle User Group (IOUG) found that many businesses are not doing enough to protect their data:
    • 48% of businesses admitted that they were not aware of all of their own databases that contained sensitive information
    • 75% of businesses cannot prevent special access users from tampering with databases

    The marketplace is fast becoming aware of some of the current threats; they include but are not limited to:

      • Internet fraud – hackers gaining information using cyber tactics
      • PC or Laptop theft
      • Overseeing of transactions
    IMSM strive to make ISO certification as simple as possible for our clients. To find out how trouble-free it really is, take a look at our 5 Simple Steps to ISO Certification.

    Protect your business against hackers and thieves Management of the correct and effectively applied security policies is seen as being a key requirement to ensuring it all ends happily. Hackers and thieves will not rest so being as prepared as you possibly can be has to be the main ingredient for a successful outcome, and both the insurer and the legal protagonists to be satisfied. You may want to consider ISO 27001:2013 Information and Data Security provides the satisfaction required to dispose of the following threats to your business:

      • 70% of small businesses believe they are not a target for any Data theft or misuse; it is a problem for either larger businesses or only those in the financial sector – this is not true
      • Any business holding data on individuals or companies is a target for fraud, theft, misuse or abuse
      • Dependent upon the case; prison sentences can be a result of poor data security
      • Insurance Companies will find any reason to avoid the payment of any claims for data loss, Fraud, Misuse or theft; if security is not proven then they have a golden key with which to do this
      • Cyber crime is not only a threat to financial institutions; it is widespread whilst currently disposed more towards the sector providing the easiest wins
      • An increasingly important area of concern is the ability that mobile devices now have to infiltrate networks, and in certain cases security measures. This is seen as being one of the key threats to business data resources today; especially with the introduction of iOS5.
      • Every business believes they have insurance to cover eventualities such as Fraud and Theft, they do not realise they also owe a duty of care which; if not exercised will lead to any insurance claim being declined
      • Loss of finance is a correctable event, but loss, fraud, misuse or abuse of data resource leaves a longer lasting and deeper stain for any business and the recovery time, if ever achieved, is much longer and more difficult
      • According to a recent white paper by Fundtech, Fraud: A 360° View, fraud is increasingly occurring across a variety of channels: from bank account infiltration (24%), via call center and fax communication (26%), as well as in-branch (15%). Further, the survey revealed that the majority (66%) of bankers believe that cyber crime will never get under control
    Committed to quality Achieving an ISO standard demonstrates that your company is serious about delivering quality systems through tested processes. Internally ISO standards provide focus and discipline and externally you will achieve credibility, authority and recognition. Take control of your assets and assure customers that their data is 100% secure, contact IMSM today to find out more about how you can become ISO 27001 certified.

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