Apple, that giant of the digital world, is opening assembly lines in Texas for part of its Mac range of computers.

The news was first announced in December last year by Apple chief executive Tim Cook, and confirmed this summer.

Cook told a US senate hearing: “We are investing $100 million to build a Mac product line here in the US. The product will be assembled in Texas, include components made in Illinois and Florida, and rely on equipment produced in Kentucky and Michigan.”

In a separate interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, he said: “This doesn’t mean that Apple will do it ourselves, but we’ll be working with people, and we’ll be investing our money.”

Like most consumer electronics companies, Apple lets contract manufacturers assemble its products overseas. As such, Apple is one-stage removed from many of the production and assembly processes.

ISO 27001 is perfect for data-based companies like Apple, with suppliers and associates aplenty, because it not only helps protect against threats to data and but safeguards the business’s reputation.

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