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Name: Anthony Blackwell

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Tel: +1 646 271 6009

Anthony Blackwell is an Area Manager for International Management Systems Marketing, Inc., a worldwide consulting firm specializing in ISO quality management systems among others including medical, environmental and aerospace standards.

Anthony is a psychologist with over twenty years of management experience spanning; business development, consumer goods, mental health and operations management.

He has worked in manufacturing at Luitpoldhütte AG in Germany, as project manager for the northeast region of USA for PepsiCo, as a clinical director in New York City and as sales and marketing director in Asia.

Anthony has built high performance organizations from the ground up, and specializes in rejuvenating under-performing teams. He has expertise in strategic planning, market analysis and performance bench-marking. He completed his undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and Phd studies at Columbia University in New York City

He has lived and worked in Europe, Asia, and USA. Anthony has been a trusted member of teams and is respected for his thought leadership, effective problem solving and high ethical standard.

He believes that ISO standards are a formula for success – using proven procedures to provide consistent quality products and managing a growing business using “best practices” respected worldwide. He is able to help companies implement ISO management systems that improved quality, increased sales and profits, and build a management system that works.

Anthony’s passion is to help businesses succeed.