BS OHSAS 18001:2007

Occupational Health & Safety

BS OHSAS 18001 will safeguard your staff, reputation and business opportunities

BS OHSAS 18001 is fast becoming a necessity for any successful organisation

Demonstrating rigorous occupational health and safety performance to employees, shareholders and clients is of increasing concern to organisations of all types. Stringent legislation and developing economic and social policies result in a requirement to demonstrate compliance. BS OHSAS 18001 employs a framework to enable a thorough assessment of the risks involved in order to address the protection of employees and the general public.

Take the steps today to ensure the safety of your work environment, and those affected by it. IMSM strive to make certification as simple as possible for our clients. To find out how trouble-free it really is, take a look at our 5 Simple Steps to ISO Certification.

Committed to quality

Achieving an ISO standard demonstrates that your company is serious about delivering quality systems through tested processes. Internally ISO standards provide focus and discipline and externally you will achieve credibility, authority and recognition.

Demonstrate that health and safety is a priority for your organisation, contact IMSM today to arrange a meeting with your local IMSM Area Manager to find out how your company can become BS OHSAS 18001 certified.


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