Enfields Chemicals was established by E.N. Fields in 1985 in Pinetown KwaZulu-Natal supplying new and recycled oil for industry. Their products include, cutting oil, gear oil, engine oil, compressor and heat transfer oils, grease, anti-freeze, heavy duty detergents, hand cleaners and hydraulic oil. Used oil is recovered by qualified service technicians to ensure the safest means of transportation, recovery and disposal. All recycled oil is vigorously tested to ensure the high quality of the finished product. Enfields Chemicals is currently run by two directors, Gene Donkin and Isabel Theron with a staff compliment of fifteen. Mr Donkin tells us their reasons for gaining ISO 9001: “It was the requirement at the time. Government Affairs were stipulating that all organisations within our industry had to eventually  become fully compliant and be able to prove to Government Affairs that processes were under-way at the time to ensure the company was at least working towards certification.” The process of ISO 9001 certification, from start to finished took Enfields Chemicals approximately 4 months; which was vastly quicker than what they had originally anticipated.  When asked how they found the process with IMSM Mr Donkin recalls: “At first it was a little peculiar trying to adjust to change but after a while we noticed that all of our processes had become simplified; it was just a case of just getting used to the changes.” What benefits have you seen since gaining ISO 9001? “ We not only have ISO 9001 certification but also hold a level 4 BEE certificate and follow the consumer protection act and POPI. However if we had failed to gain ISO 9001 it would have meant that the majority of our clients would have dropped us as they need to work with certified organisations. As a result of our certification we managed keep all of our existing clients and even saw substantial growth within the business”Mr Donkin found out about IMSM through an article he saw in an international industry magazine and then proceeded to contact for information on ISO 9001.

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