Custom Computer Cables of America (CCCoA), established in 1982 and headquartered in Garland, Texas, is a leading manufacturer of custom fiber optic and copper cable wire harnesses. CCCoA develops, manufactures, markets, and services wire and cable products for OEM, distribution, telecommunication, defense, and commercial customers throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. CCCoA products are used in items with such diverse applications as military systems, OEM appliances and home integration.

CCCoA uses multiple resources to bring value to their customers through engineering, material management, custom solution development, and logistics management. CCCoAs core competency is custom wiring solutions; however they also provide extraordinary ancillary product support from hardware to security access products.

Prior to becoming ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management certified, CCCoA were working towards an improved way of implementing their processes. Since becoming certified, these processes have been fine tuned to be much more efficient than before. Mr. Maulesh Shah, Quality Assurance Manager, comments on the improvements, “Internally it is great because we have changed a lot of the processes which we have now implemented throughout, it is very different to what we used to do, but it is a lot better and documentation-wise it is a vast improvement.”

Mr. Jay Chenault, President & CEO, explains CCCoAs motives behind gaining ISO certification, “We were looking to improve processes and gain control from a statistical standpoint over what we are doing and make sure that we are doing things correctly. We produce a lot of OEM equivalent parts for the military or telecom industry and some of their requirements are that their supplier’s needs to be ISO certified; this was another driving factor.”

Mr. Shah explains how important quality is to CCCoA, “Quality is the key factor in our manufacturing process. Our number one goal is that we hit the quality mark with our processes and meet the expectations of our customer.”

For CCCoA, the establishment of ISO 9001:2008 into the fabric of their business was the culmination of multiple actions to certify many processes that have been in place for many years. Mr. Chenault explains, “Processes that we had always believed were in compliance with ISO standards are now certified to be just that.” Mr. Chenault recognizes the long term benefits of ISO for CCCoA, “Continual use of these certified processes should continue our ability to increase customer satisfaction and company profitability.”

Formal certification demonstrates CCCoAs commitment to continuous improvement, in both process and products. This adds value, both internally and externally to their customers by supplying the right products, at the right time, for the right cost.

“We are proud to be ISO 9001:2008 certified,” Mr. Shah drove the certification process and knows the added value that is achieved by completing the formal process, “this achievement insures that process adherence adds value in time savings and quality improvement through specific actions. We are very proud of the team that completed the work and now will be using the system day to day as it becomes ingrained in our culture.”

IMSM became a tactical team member in the planning and execution of becoming certified. Mr. Chenault explains, “Upon meeting with IMSM, who explained everything thoroughly, ISO certification went very well and we hit our due date of when we wanted to be certified. We already had a lot of systems in motion, so once IMSM helped us to realise exactly what needed to be done, it only took 6 weeks.”

Though CCCoA had carefully planned the ISO certification process, many unforeseen items were reviewed and discussed with the IMSM team. These discussions and planning sessions made the actual certification process much easier and less time consuming. Mr. Brian Parker, Operations Manager, explains why they chose IMSM to help guide them to ISO certification, “IMSM stood out to us because of the value of what they had to offer and I had used their services whilst at another company in Texas, who were re-certified last year. I liked what they had to offer – the marketing, the training – as opposed to what other companies offered.”

CCCoA became certified recently and believe the ISO will act as a prominent vehicle to drive their business forwards in 2011.

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